Fukushima Chernobyl news; VIENNA U.N. I.A.E.A. THEY give us CANCER then MEET to SAY CURE CANCER

https://www.gofundme.com/sdc76s protesting THE KILLERS;;
“Nuclear Techniques in Human Health: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment” THE KILLERS MEET IN VIENNA SEPTEMBER 20 2017,
I was detained in inside the I.A.E.A for no reason,, the head of security, SAVED me Austrian police u.n. security, and a great activist attorney STATE paid, negotiated my BLANCH BOX, said I could not leave it, so I stood in it for days, the head of security told me “ kevin We knew you were coming, you can’t go in, BUT I support you my wife got thyroid cancer and nearly died right after Chernobyl, Austrian Police same thing SAID kevin we support your work, THE Attorney Advocate handed me 100 euros in my hand and said KEEP UP THE FIGHT, then they all took photos with me while I was detained inside,, kevin d. blanch

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