Fukushima NEWS; ABE TRUMP North Korea NUKE PATSY to get ABE RE-ELECTED, cover up FUKUSHIMA Fallout

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SEPTEMBER 26 2017, trump –abe OF nuclear mad mice masquerading as MEN;;https://www.wsj.com/articles/japan-prime-minister-calls-snap-election-1506331985?mod=e2fb ABE CALLS FOR WAR TIME SPAP ELECTION one year ahead of REAL ELECTIONS (HE WOULD SURLY lose, unless PUTIN HAS OTHER PLANS) remember the Infamous HAND SHAKE (PLEASE ALLOW ME TO introduce myself ON chemo) ABE VERY FIRST ONE IN TRUMP TOWER after election FIRST ONE after the GLOBALIST CROWNING on January 20 2017 in PUTINGRAD D.C.;; 4 DAYS HIG 5 oh the GOLD COURSE,,

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