Fukushima news; ANOTHER YOUNG ENDANGERED ORCA Starves to death, SAN ONOFRE it’s time to deal

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NOT ON THE FUKING BEACH & Not her in UTAH, HELL FUCKING NO;; kevin d. blanch PhD;; THE GREAT Pacific Genocide AML Leukemia SURVIVOR, fighting for the ONES YOU KILLED;; ORANGE, SAN DIEGO, LOS ANGELES, COUNTY’S, time to deal with you nuclear shit, YOU Ignored your NASTY WASTE YOU MADE FOR OVER 50 YEARS, time to Deal with it,, SHOT IT IN TO SPACE, NOT GOING TO DUMP IT ON US HERE IN UTAH, no more DEAL WITH YOUR NUCLEAR SHIT SO CAL;;; kevin D. blanch
Another young Puget Sound orca dies of starvation

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