Fukushima news; EU Parliament KEEPS Japan FU food ban, America Drunk on FUKUSHIMA IGNORANCE &

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& Proud of it;; kevin D. blanch REAL PhD I do the field WORK;; CANCER KILLS Deniers FAKE no field work PhDs, LIARS, and weaklings, Scientist & fisherman ARE NOW PERPLEXED, they were mystified, puzzled stumped, and baffled, now PERPLEXE,
“Portland area anglers remain perplexed as to why the Chinook fishing is so challenging. Action has picked up in recently, but numbers at Bonneville indicate the run is tracking at about a third of last year’s total, although counts have picked up in recent days. Cooler days ahead may motivate biters by the weekend, the bite often stays solid into mid-October. The Bonneville area remains slow, although this reach of river just re-opened to boat traffic following the gorge closure due to the Eagle Creek fire.”
“A resolution passed by a large majority of MEPs called on the commission to withdraw its proposal, saying it was “very difficult to verify whether the measures proposed are sufficient” to protect European consumers and there was reason to think it “could lead to an increase in exposure to radioactive contaminated food.”

EU parliament opposes bid to reduce testing of Fukushima food imports

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