Fukushima news; the UN-GREATFULLY dead tide POOLS California tour 2017 kevin D. blanch

https://www.gofundme.com/sdc76s blanchblanch2@gmail.com NOT ON THE FU*^%$& Beach SAN ONOFRE DIABLO;; SEA YA IN SONOMA; ; i will be heading to CALIFORNIA SOON TO document the DEAD DYING TIDE POOLS and PACIFIC OCEAN , AGAIN SOON,, kevin d. blanch the Post Ignorance Project; PhD the great Pacific Genocide, AML LEUKEMIA Survivor, POST MARCH 11 2011;;An PAY RESPECT,tour ALL PRO-SEEDS GO TO AML LEUKEMIA SURVIVORS FAMILY’S, and to kevin d. blanch to keep the GREATEST FIGHT IN HUMAN HISTORY ALIVE,, THE FIGHT AGAINST THE NUCLEAR ENERGY CRIME SYNDICATE;;
The dead maybe extinct California Purple Urchin bowl TODAY MARCH 23 2017 weber state vs. Cal Davis,,,

The YOUTBE VIDEO is Mightier than the SWORD kevin d. blanch 1 second ago
ON YOUTUBE MASM ATL MEDIA, ALL WE HERE IS RADIO GOO GOO RAdiO GAGA, on balco on chemo;;; SEA YA IN Sonoma;; kevin D. blanc

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